Weddings & Engagement

Your wedding day is one of the most important days in your life. 12 years later, I still remember the excitement of planning, tastings, and meetings. I still remember the smell of the florist when we talked about my bouquet. The food was long ago eaten, my flowers were lost in a move, and my dress is packed in a box. But what I have on my shelf, are my wedding photos. My children will often ask to see them, and we talk about all the details I spent so many hours planning. In my photos I see faces smiling back, who I've lost over the years.

Your photos are your most tangible, permanent pieces from your day. They are moments in time that you have frozen forever. Who you have to capture them is a big choice. I want to be the photographer you choose. Contact me and we can get set you up with a personalized quote, and tailor your package to fit just what you want. Packages start around $1200. Your engagement session is always included.

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