Our first blog

Welcome to our blog space. We're Windows In Time Photography. A small family photography business . We wanted to do more with our photography, so we started photographing portraits and events. We have a few spaces to set up our studio, but we prefer to bring it to you. We can set up our entire studio at your home, outdoor area, or a favorite spot (with permission).

Both Judi (mom) and Jocelyn (daughter) have a strong entrepreneurial spirit, so the business side followed. Having lived together for 22 years has helped us work extremely well together. Often we know each others thoughts.

Our wonderful husbands are happy to help us. Gary (Judi's) is our technical wiz. He's also a great assistant when we need him. Eric (Jocelyn's) is one of our photographers. He is the best at catching details.

We love to use family for models. Liam, our favorite, is Jocelyn & Eric's son. We also use Jimmy & Rocco, Eric's nephews. And Zach & Logan Gary's grandsons, whenever we can.


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