Circle of Hope, Cancer patient fundraiser.

We are raising funds to donate to the Circle of Hope in Kenosha. This is an amazing support group for local women who are fighting breast cancer. Not only do they help with emotional support, but they also help raise money to help pay for treatment.

This is very close to my heart. My Aunt Mary is a breast cancer survivor. She has a group similar in her town. I asked her where she would like the funds to go, and this was her suggestion. I love that this group helps people right now. It makes a difference today, going directly to those who need it.

So, how am I helping them? I'm donating my services, my photography. Come in on October 26th from 1-4pm. Make a donation, and I'll take your picture. Within the following week you will get an e-mail with your image! It's that simple. You get a great image, while helping someone else. I am donating 100% of what I collect. I won't even keep a penny for my time.

The studio is located at  625 57th St Suite 200 (on the second floor). I would love to have so many people come out that we knock the socks off this wonderful organization.


  1. Jocelyn. . .you are amazing! Fighting breast cancer is a lonely adventure at times. . .but when people like you take up the banner to help, well - it makes all of us smile. I hope everyone in town comes in for a picture by you. . .and knowing that their donation goes to local women fighting this hateful disease should make them feel like the heroes they will be. . . I love you! Aunt Mary


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