Trolley Dog's family. Kenosha Family Photographer

Have you ever been to Trolley Dogs in Kenosha, WI? Chances are if you have you've meet the guy who wears a hot dog hat. His name is Joe, and if you're really lucky you may have met his two boys too.
Being a business owner in downtown Kenosha has given me the great opportunity to meet most of the other downtown business owners. This awesome man brought his boys in for some family photos. It was so great to capture these adorable boys, and talk about the amazing future we see for downtown Kenosha.

If you haven't checked out Trolley Dogs, what are you waiting for? Go here for some more information.


  1. Wonderful job!! My boys can be a handful...especially that little one with the hat! -Kathy C

  2. Great photos! Captured that relationship feeling in them.


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